The quality

The highest standards and obeyed regulations

Customers satisfaction is for us of utmost importance

We are focused on the quality of processes and the product itself. It is our vision to maintain our standards. We begin designing the pharmaceutical packaging with in-depth analysis of its future content. "Never stop trying to be better". That is what we do while raising our skills and technological possibilities.

Currently every production stage is conducted under strict ISO 22000:2005 standards. We have implemented Good Hygienic and Manufacturing Practices as well as HACCP.

Our each employee is well trained before he or she starts the first task. All employees are regularly supervised and take part in briefings and trainings. The factory, laboratory and office spaces are being secured by electronic access controll and monitored by CCTV.

Our every packaging or PET preform has its own individual specification. The quality control (WIP QC) has two main stages. The first one takes place on the production line. The second one involves the laboratory and the Research and Development Unit. Each production lot has its unique number as well as the coherent materials used during production process. It is easy to identify the responsible Duty Supervisor for each batch that is being manufactured or already left to the storage or transportation. Moreover, we regularly initiate the trainings in case of unsuspected scenarios.

The production lines are equipped with the integrated measuring system that is recording vast number of data including production values or storage conditions. The efficiency of QM is being double checked by internal and external audits. We are about to implement the ISO 15378. The PET packaging for pharmaceutical customers are inspected and certified by the Polish National Medicines Institute. 

Our suppliers are very carefully controlled and researched before we decide to place the order. The portfolio of suppliers and service deliverers is diversificated. Each legal agreement is thoroughly analyzed. This guarantees the stable production flow.

We believe in responsible production and we pay the highest attention to our influence on natural environment. We do our best to protect Mother Nature. We want to preserve the planet Earth's values for the next generations.

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