About Us

WIP Group - two decades of success

Proper organisation structure

Along with WIP Pharma and WIP Cosmetics, WIP Group is the specialised unit among WIP Sp. z o. o. Spółka Komandytowa. We focus on the manufacturing variety of PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) goods.
PET preforms, diary, juice and water bottles, pharmaceutical and cosmetics containers are some of our products.

Our achievements

Believing in constant development, for more than two decades we have been able to launch numerous innovative products and services. Among our unique products there are ultralight PET preforms for milk bottles. Those achievements were possible because of regular investment in know-how and technology, especially production lines.

The last decade: significant realizations

  • the first 30 g preforms in the market for 1,5 l bottles
  • LPG gas preforms
  • Corvaglia low-neck preforms
  • Capello bottom efficiency preforms
  • Capellino 1881+ low-neck preforms
  • the lightest preforms for milk bottles: 22,5 g weight
  • the lightest preforms for 5 l water bottles: 62 g weight 
  • three screwing mount for juices
  • the first fresh fruit juices in WiP preforms - 35 g Sidel

Professional production lines

Our factories are equipped with the latest and very precise machinery. The newest production lines in our sector and other innovations allow us to satisfy our customers' needs and expectations.

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